About Nick Thaut

I’m Nick Thaut, I’m a sophomore at Drake University studying Digital Media Production and Advertising. I am from Ankeny, Iowa, and Graduated from Ankeny High School in 2022. I have had a passion for film making from a very young age, and I hope to someday pursue filmmaking as a career. I started making short films with my friends when I was nine, and would like to submit a short film to a film festival in the near future. I love making movies with my friends, but I also love to watch movies. I have seen almost 2,000 movies, and keep track and review every movie that I see using the app Letterboxd, which is an app that I am very passionate about and spend way too much time on. Aside from filmmaking, and movies, I am really interested in cameras. Whether it is photography or videography, I just love using cameras. That is why I am pursuing a Digital Media Production degree, I would love to get a job after college that will allow me to implement my love for cameras. 

Outside of school and movies, I love spending time with my family. My family is the most important thing in my life, and I love spending time with them. Whether it is traveling with them, or just going out to dinner, I just love being around them. I also love hanging out with my friends. I like to play video games with them, and just spend time goofing around with them. Friends and Family are the most important thing in life for me.

I have been in the workforce since 2020, and I have had two jobs in that period of time. My first job was at Panera, which I worked at for seven months. I left that job to work at Medicap Pharmacy in Ankeny as a Clerk and a technician in training. I have been working there for three years, and I am still currently employed there. I love working at the pharmacy because it gives me an opportunity to meet and talk with new people, while also developing new skills that will help me succeed in my future careers. I am excited because I am hoping to get an internship for the summer that will allow me to grow professionally, and give me more insight, and hands-on experience into my degree. So far I really love my major and I am excited to gain more experience with my major to help set me up for success after I graduate at Drake University.