The Fall Guy – Movie Review


Fresh off an almost career-ending accident, stuntman Colt Seavers has to track down a missing movie star, solve a conspiracy and try to win back the love of his life while still doing his day job.



The Fall Guy is a new action/comedy/romance movie from director David Leitch, and stars Ryan Gosling who is hot off his summer blockbuster smash hit Barbie. David Leitch is one of the most exciting action directors in Hollywood currently. He seems to understand action, and also has a unique style of action. He is also an interesting director because before he was a filmmaker, he was a stunt double for huge action movies. You might not know this but he was Brad Pitt’s stunt double in Fight Club, and many other huge blockbuster movies. He has since retired from being a stuntman, and now directs action films. I have been a fan of David Leitch, and have really enjoyed his previous movies. Bullet Train (2022) was a really fun film with some really cool action. Wherever you go into a David Leitch action film, you can expect some crazy stunts, awesome action, and he always finds a way to blend humor into the story, and The Fall Guy is no different. The Fall Guy is an awesome action movie about a stuntman who must embark on an epic journey to save a movie directed by the love of his life. David Leitch was the perfect director to make this movie because there is no better director to make this movie than an old stuntman. This movie is a tribute to stuntmen, because they are unsung heroes of filmmaking. They put their lives at risk for our entertainment, and most of the time their work is underappreciated. The Fall Guy also is just a really fun movie, and I can’t think of a better movie to start the summer blockbuster season. Ryan Gosling is really amazing in the movie, and it looks like he is having a lot of fun with this role. Him and Emily Blunt also have amazing chemistry, and I really believed in their romance. The movie is also extremely funny, and might be the funniest movie of the year so far. The action is also spectacular, and the stunt performances are jaw dropping. The Fall Guy is the perfect summer blockbuster, and has a little bit in it for everyone. If you like action, comedy, or romance, you are really going to enjoy this movie. This movie is the perfect movie to sit back, relax, eat some popcorn, and have a good time. 

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